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The Great War Of World War I - 1490 Words

The Great War also considered to be World War I, although not initially named that due to not knowing that there would have been a second one. The war lasted from 1914-1918 and was one of the most violent wars known to history. Before war broke out many of these countries were flourishing economically and wanting to advance their country. During this time period many of the countries were unified and if there was one country that were to engage in war with one then it would cause a major war. A major reason this war took place was due to Germany becoming a major player and was a more unified than it ever had been. Although Otto Von Bismarck at that time was not his interest to expand the German territory. During this time many alliances†¦show more content†¦Wilhelm believed that Germany was not as advanced and as large as they should be so they begin to expand their territory, due to this it aggravated Britain. This is where my point comes into play of why I Believe that mos t significant reason for the war was Germany. I believe that there were becoming too arrogant and it seemed as if they felt entitled to rule over all else. Because of this more alliances were made, Entente Cordiale which was a document stating that Great Britain may have to join forces with France. The Reinsurance treaty was changed to the Triple Entente. When these new alliances were made it started to cause an arms race between the two different powers. I personally believe that the main reason this war happened was due to Germany believing that they were a stronger and more capable nation than the ones around them. I think that if it wasn’t for other countries joining together that they would push as hard as they possibly could to obtain all the territories around them. The Great War was a bloody and gruesome war that was caused by part of each country believing that they are the best and are unable to be defeated. The major cause of this war was Germany rising to such a g reat amount of power that they believed that they were capable of becoming

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grendelbeo Epic of Beowulf Essay - The Evil of Grendel

The Evil of Grendel in Beowulf The story of Beowulf, written during Anglo-Saxon times, is a classic epic tale between good versus evil. It is a story that gives us insight into the values of the Anglo-Saxon people. The Anglo-Saxons glorified heroism and the conquering of evil. In the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, the character of Grendel symbolically represents evil through his setting and heritage, his hateful attitude toward men, and his vicious acts of murder. Grendels heritage and setting are two things that attribute to Grendels evilness. In the story the author tells us that Grendel was a descendant of Cain(the son of Adam and Eve, who was cursed by God for killing his brother Abel). The poet writes, Conceived†¦show more content†¦He is pure evil spawned from Hell. In Beowulf, Grendel represents evil through his hateful attitude towards men. Grendel is tormented by the loud cheerful music that the Danes sing. The poet writes, A powerful monster, living down in the darkness, growled in pain, impatient as day after day the music rang loud in that hall, the harps rejoicing(lines 23-26). The poet suggests that the monster loathes the Danes for their loudness. Another reason for the monsters hatred toward men could be because he is jealous of the humans. Grendel knows that he can not be accepted in their group and be one of them. The monster uses this as an excuse to kill them, and he keeps the grudge against them no matter how many of the men he kills. The poet writes, How the monster relished his savage war on the Danes, keeping the bloody feud alive, seeking no peace, offering no truce, accepting no settlement, no price in gold or land, and paying the living for one crime with another(lines 89-94). The author shows us that Gr endel will not forgive the Danes, even though the Danes didnt even know they were committing a crime against Grendel. Grendels evilness is fueled by his hatred of men. The author writes, Seeing how Grendel hunted when they slept. Distance was safety; the only survivors were those fled him. Hate had triumphed(lines 78-80). He shows us how Grendels hatred fueled his passionate lust for evil. Grendel also represents evil

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Opinions of Jane Goodall Free Essays

The work of Jane Goodall has been recognized by many people around the world. Her contributions have been significant in our world today. Although most comments and opinions of her work have been positive, there are also people who oppose what she has done as well. We will write a custom essay sample on Opinions of Jane Goodall or any similar topic only for you Order Now She has studied chimpanzees and their behavior since she was of a young age, giving plenty of time for opinions to form regarding her as a person and her work as well. The positive opinions of Jane Goodall outweigh all the bad ones. Based upon interviews of my colleagues, the comments were all of the positive nature. They believe that Goodall has definitely made a difference in our world. She has helped us discover the theory of evolution and how this could actually be true. She also taught us where humans get some of their behavior based upon those of the chimpanzees. Moreover, people admire her determination and moral standards. She has founded the Jane Goodall Institute and devotes all of her time protecting the chimpanzees and their environment as well as supporting the research at Gombe. She is thought of as a role model because she is devoted to something that she does not have to do, she does her work because she cares and is determined to do what she loves. On the other hand, some primatologists have suggested flaws in Jane Goodall’s methodology which may call into question whether or not her observations are valid. Some say she did not use the right practices, for instance, naming the primates instead of numbering them, to eliminate the chance of having emotional attachment. Also, critics also say she did wrong by using feeding stations to attract the Gombe chimpanzees. It was suggested that the more aggression occurred because of artificial feeding, creating the â€Å"wars† that Goodall talked about. There were not many negative opinions of Goodall as a human being, she was just criticized of her work and the way she went about doing things. Like every person out there, there are people who approve or disapprove of someone and what they do. Jane Goodall made a difference in the way we think about evolution and our behavior. She helped us understand where we could have perhaps gotten some of our attributes and what affects our behavior. The chimpanzees were similar to humans, in the way that they behave and the way they go about in our daily lives. Jane Goodall has given everyone something to think about and continues to so, making amazing contributions even today. How to cite Opinions of Jane Goodall, Papers

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Consumer Behavior & Marketing Communication-Samples for Students

Question: Conduct a literature review and develop an IMC Campaign for a New Zealand owned Company's Product or Service. Answer: Introduction The company chosen for this assignment is Only Organic which has its specialization in baby food. This company has been in the New Zealand market since 2003 with their main goal to feed their nations babies with the purest foods. In their very initial stage they started by producing simple recipes with organic ingredients without including any kind of artificial addictives, preservatives, salt and sugar. Only Organic is among the best organic baby food brands in New Zealand making the job of the mothers easier because they are getting tasty, almost like home cooked food made with the best ingredients. Literature Review The promotional mix mainly involves advertising, public relations, sales promotion, digital marketing and personal selling which are also the elements, which are involved in the Integrated Communication Mix (IMC). Therefore, when any company is thinking about their communication process for their customers, the first step they need to take is to define their promotional objectives. In an article by Familmaleki, Aghighi and Hamidi (2015), their main purpose is to explore the effects of sales promotion on the decision making process of the consumers. Shultz et al., said that sales promotion mainly operates on a direct behavioral basis rather than having an impact on their awareness or attitude. This article further states that the main aim of sales promotion is to attract new consumers, continue with existing consumers who are observed switching brands along with giving benefits to those customers who are about to use challenging products. In another article by Sinkovics, Pezderka and Haghirian (2012), they have mainly discussed about the investigation they have made on the factors that influence the perception of advertising mainly through mobile phones in different culture. However, the result has come up with that, infotainment and credibility is the important factors for predicting the values of advertising. Thaichon Quach (2016), mainly investigated the marketing communication to shifting cost, commitment, satisfaction as well as changing intention among those customers with mobile telecommunication. The research on this topic has came up with the result that customers will be satisfied if the supplier can fulfill its promises as well as meet the expectations of the customer. This article further states that sales promotion, which is one of the main elements of IMC, is in a direct relationship with shifting costs which in return has an impact on the level of commitment that can be increase high consumer satisfact ion. Target market Target market is breaking a market into parts and then followed by which the marketing efforts are concentrated on one or more than one important segments that consists of those consumers who needs as well as desires complements the product or the service offered. However, for the company only organic their target market comprises of the following variables- Demographic segmentation- This is the most necessary criteria for identifying the target market of only organic customers. Keeping this in mind only organic mainly attracts female customers of age between 20-30years of age, mainly those women who have already given birth to children as this company sells baby food (Paul Rana, 2012). Geographic segmentation- Based on the geographical segmentation the target market is done on the notion that a group of consumer from a particular are have certain special need for the products and services offered. Only Organic which is in New Zealand is quite aware that the people there are very much health conscious and thus, would definitely like their baby to have nutritious, tasty foods with no pesticides, no added colors or salts when they are just starting to have solid foods. Psychographic segmentation- This element of target market is mainly based on the socio-economic class, personality and lifestyle preferences of the customers. Therefore, the product of only organic is mainly for middle class as well as upper middle class people who have a busy lifestyle. Working mothers who are having children is targeted more (Gad Mohsen Dacko, 2013). Brand positioning The main competitors of Only Organic in New Zealand are as follows- Green Monkey Organic Baby Food Little Angels baby food Based on the competitors Only Organic has the best positing strategy would be to have high quality products with lower prices. Price has and always will be a notable indicator of quality thus, for Only Organic it would be a smart move if they can make their price affordable to all without compromising with their product quality (Solomon, 2014). Philip Kotler designed the Price quality matrix, which mainly shows a cross section between the two matrices based, on which the name is given. As determined by the positioning of the products of Only Organic as relative to the competition their retailers can use price as well as quality of each of their product so that they can identify their position in the market. This will further help to incorporate that in their decision making process when it comes to improve their pricing strategy. Based on the model of Kotlers nine-variable model the best possibility for Only Organ is the superb value (low price/high quality). According to this variab le, it is one of the best-case scenarios for the consumers as they will be getting best quality products in low prices and on the other hand, it can be a tricky step for the organization to attract customers. Therefore, positioning strategy is important for the marketers to communicate best their products with their targeted customers. Conclusion To conclude this report, it can be said that only organic which started its journey since 2003, has been very popular for their specialization in producing baby food. However, initially they started making simple recipes with organic ingredients without including any kind of artificial addictives, preservatives, salt and sugar and thus, making easier for the mothers to feed their babies healthy and tasty home like food. Moreover, they are mainly targeting mothers of age 20-30years who are ranging from middle to upper class and has a busy lifestyle. Lastly, the positioning strategy that can be chosen for this company can be the high quality and low pricing strategy where the customers will get products at affordable prices without the company compromising in their quality. References Familmaleki, M., Aghighi, A., Hamidi, K. (2015).Analyzing the Influence of Sales Promotion on Customer Purchasing Behavior.Advanced Social Humanities and Management,2(2), 41-51. Gad Mohsen, M., Dacko, S. (2013). An extension of the benefit segmentation base for the consumption of organic foods: A time perspective.Journal of Marketing Management,29(15-16), 1701-1728. Paul, J., Rana, J. (2012). Consumer behavior and purchase intention for organic food.Journal of consumer Marketing,29(6), 412-422. Sinkovics, R. R., Pezderka, N., Haghirian, P. (2012).Determinants of consumer perceptions toward mobile advertisinga comparison between Japan and Austria.Journal of Interactive Marketing,26(1), 21-32. Solomon, M. R. (2014).Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being(Vol. 10). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Thaichon, P., Quach, T. N. (2016).Integrated Marketing Communications and their effects on customer switching intention.Journal of Relationship Marketing,15(1-2), 1-16.