Friday, December 13, 2019

Opinions of Jane Goodall Free Essays

The work of Jane Goodall has been recognized by many people around the world. Her contributions have been significant in our world today. Although most comments and opinions of her work have been positive, there are also people who oppose what she has done as well. We will write a custom essay sample on Opinions of Jane Goodall or any similar topic only for you Order Now She has studied chimpanzees and their behavior since she was of a young age, giving plenty of time for opinions to form regarding her as a person and her work as well. The positive opinions of Jane Goodall outweigh all the bad ones. Based upon interviews of my colleagues, the comments were all of the positive nature. They believe that Goodall has definitely made a difference in our world. She has helped us discover the theory of evolution and how this could actually be true. She also taught us where humans get some of their behavior based upon those of the chimpanzees. Moreover, people admire her determination and moral standards. She has founded the Jane Goodall Institute and devotes all of her time protecting the chimpanzees and their environment as well as supporting the research at Gombe. She is thought of as a role model because she is devoted to something that she does not have to do, she does her work because she cares and is determined to do what she loves. On the other hand, some primatologists have suggested flaws in Jane Goodall’s methodology which may call into question whether or not her observations are valid. Some say she did not use the right practices, for instance, naming the primates instead of numbering them, to eliminate the chance of having emotional attachment. Also, critics also say she did wrong by using feeding stations to attract the Gombe chimpanzees. It was suggested that the more aggression occurred because of artificial feeding, creating the â€Å"wars† that Goodall talked about. There were not many negative opinions of Goodall as a human being, she was just criticized of her work and the way she went about doing things. Like every person out there, there are people who approve or disapprove of someone and what they do. Jane Goodall made a difference in the way we think about evolution and our behavior. She helped us understand where we could have perhaps gotten some of our attributes and what affects our behavior. The chimpanzees were similar to humans, in the way that they behave and the way they go about in our daily lives. Jane Goodall has given everyone something to think about and continues to so, making amazing contributions even today. How to cite Opinions of Jane Goodall, Papers

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